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  • For Ludovico holiday is the most important time of the year. During this time he meets his best friends or family, some of whom he has not met for a whole year. Finally time for good conversations again, finally focus on the most important things, enjoying life and time with the loved ones. HolyDays.
  • Ludovico chooses a place where he feels comfortable. A landscape that is spacious. A landscape with a view and which is rich in culture and pleasures. A landscape that inspires and is mostly surrounded by agricultural products. Actually, he prefers to be at places, where milk and honey flows.
  • Ludovico chooses a stay for him and his friends. He chooses places where he knows his way around and where he knows and likes the people around. Places where he feels safe and secure. Where he can just drop, preferably in his own, cozy holiday home. Ludovico loves good wine and tasty, sustainably produced food. He wants only the best of the nature. Especially highest quality and purity are very important for him. He loves origin cuisine and life. He prefers organic food and wants fair trade products. Also during the holidays it is important for him, which ecological footprint he leaves.
  • He has realized that it makes no sense to buy a large holiday home and be there for maybe 2-4 weeks a year. He understands that the region, the farmers and the local people around him do not benefit from him this way. Of course he wants his favorite little shops, his preferred little restaurants and bars to stay where they are. At least for his ‘quality time’ he wants to leave the big restaurant chains behind him.
  • He is happy to meet people, who have the same interests and to do something sensible during the holidays. Ludovico is happy to have his own organic olive oil, his own organic wine – without having to buy an entire winery. He takes responsibility and if he likes to, he is able to help the farmers with the harvest. He is glad and grateful that he does not have to irrigate his olive trees and grapevine. It spares resources and does not reduce quality, but it gains previously unknown qualities and pleasures. Ludovico is alive!

Be Ludovico!

Are you "ready" for the cooperative?


Ludovico is a cooperative. The Cooperative is a societal form of World Heritage. On the one hand, it is the ideal instrument for implementing the approaches in creating LUDOVICO. But also for the development of LUDOVICO, it offers the ideal prerequisites for the realization the of the community’s goals. The goal is not to generate revenue, but to create sustainable benefits for each individual member.


Sustainable tourism that preserves the region in its diversity and origin. Strengthening of regional infrastructures, native species and creation of regional jobs. Promoting biodiversity. Fair contracts between farmers and consumers, giving both a better price. Create a better relationship between end product and consumer. Promotion of organic agriculture. The understanding of Mother Earth’s nature concept. Better Understanding for the organic products we consume. Comprehend the world as a wonderful complete work.


Members of the Cooperative become both consumers and farmers. Consumers sponsor a desired number of crops (initially vines and olive trees) that produce organic agricultural products (initially organic and organic olive oil). The goal of consumers is not to gain revenue, but to gain a quality of life and health. The fact that the consumer knows, when taking over the sponsorship for four vines and then having six bottles of wine from it – after five years, raises the awareness of the effort which is required to hold one bottle of wine in someones hands. The member’s continuous possibility of monitoring this vine growing process builds up knowledge about the irrigation of plants and the “relationship” to social responsibility in the context of Mother Earth.

Ludovico is bridging the time it takes for harvested crops or products to be delivered to regionally-led farmers at a price above their other selling price, but below the end-user market price.

The result: High quality organic products with relation to all reasonable prices.


Promotion of regional structures.

All founders of Ludovico have experience in the acquisition and maintenance of holiday homes. They all agreed that they used it for a maximum of 4-6 weeks a year. That does not really make a profit for the region where the vacation properties are located. Many holiday home owners even bring along their food to share with you, some even your favorite Portuguese wine for your holiday in Tuscany. Then they walk through the small beautiful medieval villages and wonder why sometimes everything is so deserted, why there are no small bakeries, no artists, no vegetable shops. With a little luck, a little gastronomy has survived.

It is also not easy to find good staff in a foreign country for just this short time a year. Complete all administrative procedures and therefore take a language course is very difficult. As a result, every 5th holiday home owner sells his property partly frustrated after 5 years.

Then LUDOVICO’S founders discussed that “Sharing” was probably the most suitable one. This would also lead to an increase in the quality of the users’ dealings with the property, because experience has shown that owners are better at dealing with their property than with third-party property. All of the founders, who had already rent their real estate temporarily, did not only report positive experiences. And that’s why foreign owners have opted out of renting out an alternative to the predominant vacancy for many owners.

Then the founders realized that sharing of the property did not work like for example it does with cars. This is because everyone likes to travel at the same time, namely the high season. The result: It is not that everyone wants to go at the same time, but it is depending on family circumstances (eg school holidays forced), age etc. So during the school holiday season f.e often 1-2 families go on holiday together, while especially during the working period it is much more popular to travel alone, as a couple or with friends, also because of the cheaper prices in these times to travel. One person may feel really warm, but for another one it’s just too warm.

It then followed that it would be ideal to combine various holiday property sizes in a coordinated number to always cover a variety of different needs. This helps to cover all variable life cycles even in the long term. First, you are alone or in pairs of two, use an apartment in the early or late season, second you get offspring, then you will need two rooms, then, that it will follow you can only drive during the school holidays.

THIS will be over NOW

LUDOVICO is adaptable. The community, the Cooperative is able to fulfill all wishes at all times.

The current possibilities of using algorithms to optimize usage times helped LUDOVICO’s way to optimize. In order to have enough room, LUDOVICO only shares properties. for the period from mid-April to mid-October (6 months).

The rest of the year will be available to all shareholders additionally free of charge.

Due to the high utilization figures, LUDOVICO creates secure jobs on site. Only locals are employed on site.

After successful implementation of the first project in Tuscany, further projects are planned. It is intended to shift between projects with products and real estate. We are very happy if you contribute.

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LUDOVICOS FARM - WINE €99.00 per Year. Select
LUDOVICOS HOME €299.00 per Year. Select
LUDOVICOS FARM - OLIVEOIL €99.00 per Year. Select

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